Instructions on how to withdraw money from WINPH 100% successfully in just 3 steps #Step 1: Log in to account, #Step 2: Select Withdraw, #Step 3: Complete withdrawal.
When participating in online betting at WINPH, one of the leading bookmakers in Vietnam, the thing that many people are most interested in is how to withdraw WINPH money. So when withdrawing money from WINPH, what conditions and things should you keep in mind? Please follow the article below to answer the above questions in detail!

WINPH  will payout with in 5 minutes in most of the time

Withdrawal Time

You may request a withdraw with 24 hrs

WINPH  will payout within 10 minutes in most of the time, please refer to a particular payment gateway.

Withdrawal Amount

Minimum per request: 100 USD or equal.
Maximum per day: 100,000 USD or equal.
Note: you have to reach the turnover to have a withdrawal request.

Withdrawal fee

We don’t charge anything for withdrawing。

Failing on withdrawal?

  • If you have reached the turnover for withdrawal?
  • If you have an active bonus, you cannot withdraw your bonus balance until the bonus is complete.
  • If you provide the wrong bank information or the bank is frozen?

How to edit my personal information?

Please contact the customer support to change the correct bank account, payee name and so on.

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