Account Relative Questions

How is my account privacy

Don’t worry, WINPH is the sole owner of users’ personal information and WINPH will not provide, abandon or sell the information to any third party. All personal data will be destroyed when they do not need to be retained.

When registering an account

Once the user name is submitted, it cannot be changed. Please choose a user name that is easy to remember and has a high security level, and keep it properly; the initial password is not secure. After login, please modify your password first.

Data  notes

When binding personal bank information, this platform allows you to bind five bank cards with different account numbers, but the cardholder’s name must be the same, and once the cardholder’s name is bound, no changes can be made. Remember.

How to ensure account security

  1.  After obtaining the account for the first time, please modify the initial login password and set the fund password, and set your password in time, and bind the bank account information you need to recharge or withdraw;
  2. Keep your login password and fund password properly. Do not trust others to ask for the login password, fund password and confidential information of your account for any reason. Regularly check the computer security to avoid the account being stolen by viruses and Trojan horses in the computer.

Forget my password

Contact the online customer service to provide the corresponding information to reset the password, please do not disclose your personal information to others.

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